6 Money Saving Motoring Tips From the Experts

Buying a car can be a very expensive activity, and people would not want to spend a fortune to maintain this expensive luxury. While frequent car servicing and other expenditures regarding cars are a necessity, there are some loopholes to maintain your car which you can avoid and save some extra bucks.

  • Keep repair manuals in handy: Always be well equipped with the demands of your car, so you don’t have to spend excess money. A car owner should always keep automotive repair manuals and generator service manuals in his car as a backup strategy in case of any problem or even emergencies. Automotive repair and services help make you better acquainted with your car and its needs.

  • Don’t carry excess weight: Avoid carrying unnecessary weight around with you in your car. According to a study, it’s said that every 50kg of weight increase the car’s fuel consumption by 2%. If you have roof bars on the top of your car that are not frequently used, you can remove them as they are three to five kilos of extra weight that you are pointlessly carrying. Removing them will contribute to a little saving which will make a huge effect by the end of your motoring year.

  • Get your car serviced regularly: This one goes unsaid. If a person regularly visits a doctor for health checkups, he’s very unlikely to develop a disease insidiously. Similarly, if you get your car regularly repaired and serviced, you’re least likely to over-consume fuel due to wastage of fuel via leakage or any other means. Also get your tire pressure checked regularly, so you don’t have to suddenly spend your money on deflated tires.

  • Be gentle to your car: If you’re a person who lives in cold climatic conditions, your car might not be as well acquainted as you are. Cars are least efficient when they are cold. Give it time. Don’t start speeding from the start-up; if you do so, you’re simply increasing the wasted fuel by multiple folds and also wearing out your car engine more quickly by doing so.

  • Don’t fall for the ‘premium fuel trap’: If you’re a frequent car driver, you have most probably seen those ‘premium fuel’ counters at the petrol pumps. The fuel retailers make a claim that these premium fuels are economic as well as have performance advantages and also protect your car engine. Although, in reality, if you are not driving a performance vehicle, you’re most likely to see no such advantages and improvements and will end up spending extra money for nothing.

  • Avoid foggy windows: Foggy windows aren’t just a cause of discomfort but can also result in serious accidents. Although you can get expensive services done to avoid this situation, those are likely to take a toll on your pocket. A little DIY can solve this problem at no extra cost. Cut a cleaned potato and rub it across your windows and mirrors and let it dry. It is an effective method to avoid fogging of your car windows and can come in handy in fog-prone areas.

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